Open Level Reformer classes are open to all levels of students including those who are new to Pilates. In addition to a thoughtful and efficient class structure, this class will focus on the basic principals of Pilates; breath, concentration, centering, control, precision, and flow. Props such as Magic Circle, foam roller, physio balls and therabands may be included. 55 minutes

Reformer Express classes are a quick (45 minute) version of our Open Level Reformer Class--perfect for lunch hour--and open to all level of students including those new to Pilates.

Intermediate Level Reformer classes are ideal for clients who have consistently practiced and have a good understanding of the principles of Pilates as well as how to navigate the equipment. 55 minutes

Jump Board classes include the jump board apparatus which facilitates a fun, cardiovascular workout that is sure to leave you breathless. Music and props add an element of fun and levity. 55 minutes

Pre/Post Natal- Pregnancy is a wonderful time to deepen your Pilates practice by using modifications and targeted exercises on the Reformer that will help you gain strength, flexibility and pave the way for your labor. This class is also appropriate for postnatal clients who wish to ease back into Open Level classes.